Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Must Purchase Book for the Author Considering Self-Publishing!

No, it is not a copy of my own book, Self-publishing with Amazon's CreateSpace: A Resource Guide for the Author Considering Self-Publishing.

I just got my copy of Writer Watchdog Self-publishing Directory: 2009 Edition. This is an excellent source of information for the author who is considering self-publishing their manuscript.

This book does NOT contain all the information that an author needs to know. It DOES list a large number of resources that a self-publishing author will need to enter the world of self-publishing. The time and money that will be saved through this book in terms of speeding up the research and learning that is part of the self-publishing world is considerable.

It contains such information as where to obtain an ISBN number, copyright information, free lance editors, cover designers, subsidy (also known as self-publishing) publishers, and just a wide range of information about the business of self-publishing.

If you want a second book, particularly if you plan to use CreateSpace as your publisher, you may want to consider my book as well. But I have to honestly say, if you can only buy one, buy the Writer Watchdog 2009 Edition.

Thanks for dropping by! Come again as this is meant to be a source of information for self-published authors and those considering going that route to get published. It is also meant to be a place of encouragement for writers.

Talk to you later!