Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aaron Shepard's Latest Book on Self-Publishing Is Available!

If you are new to the self-publishing industry, Aaron Shepard is one of the foremost advocates and experts on self-publishing, particularly in using Lightning Source as your print-on-demand printer and Ingram distributor. He is the author of Aiming at Amazon, the book detailing the business model of selling your POD book successfully on Amazon. In addition to Aiming at Amazon, Shepard is the author of Perfect Pages, a guide for using Microsoft Word to create the files needed to self-publish your book.

Shepard's latest book on self-publishing, POD for Profit, is now available on Amazon! Having been fortunate enough to have seen an advanced copy, I can tell you this is an excellent guide on using LSI to self-publish your book. Just as soon as you can, I suggest you order your copy from Amazon.