Monday, January 31, 2011

CreateSpace Kindle Conversion Round Two Update!

My second Kindle book is now available and I used CreateSpace's Kindle conversion service for a second time. The book I had converted was my second book on self-publishing, 301 Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Publishing. I have sold one Kindle copy, to myself, just to see how quickly the results would be reported. To my astonishment, the report of the sale was almost instantaneous.

CreateSpace did a nice job and this time there have been no problems with the Mac, PC or Kindle versions. For $69 it is hard to beat the service if you do not need any changes to be made in the manuscript or require special links or graphics to be converted.

It did take several weeks longer this time for the conversion to be completed. I am certain this had nothing to do with the content of the book but rather the demand for CreateSpace's conversion service has created a bit of a backlog, making the time spent waiting for your title to come up to the top of the list to be converted longer than when the service was introduced.

Of course, anything I do has to have a glitch and this one bother's me. The title of the book as listed on the Kindle product page is 201 Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Publishing. A quick check on the Kindle Direct Publishing page where product information is entered shows the title is spelled, or rather listed, correctly. How this glitch took place is beyond me and must be on Amazon's end of things.