Sunday, February 6, 2011

JA Konrath Shares His Self-publishing Success Story With CreateSpace

I have not read a JA Konrath book all though his Shots of Tequila looks like it might be worth $2.99 for a Kindle version. I write non-fiction and Mr. Konrath is a successful fiction author. I doubt I will ever earn what Mr. Konrath doe as an author.

However, I do find his experience, and success, as a self-publishing author interesting. There is a brief story about Mr. Konrath's success as a self-publishing novelist in the CreateSpace Community. 

I was not surprised to learn he had previously been a traditional author, he obviously has talent as a story teller. I was surprised to read how his venture into self-publishing started.  His initial venture into self-publishing was not via print-on-demand as many self-publishing authors get their start. Mr. Konrath self-published unreleased novels on Kindle and found success. 

Building on that success, Mr. Konrath abandoned traditional publishing and wrote his latest works directly for sale on the Amazon Kindle. Requests from fans for traditional paper copies led Mr. Konrath to introduce paper copies of his latest work as POD versions produced by CreateSpace. 

Konrath praised his relationship with CreateSpace and Amazon in the short article and talked briefly about how these two companies allow him to be independent a an author and earn a living.

Included in the article is further information about Konrath's success and includes having a website to interact with his fans, the use of professionals to edit his manuscripts and ideas on pricing effectively for books made available in both Kindle and POD editions.