Monday, March 14, 2011

eBook Architects Kindle Conversion Review

eBook Architects just finished converting the files for my book Game Strategy and Tactics for Basketball. The results were outstanding! Not only did eBook Architects create files for a Kindle conversion but for ePub as well. All of this was done for one price. 

eBook Architects does have a bit of a backlog and my title was placed in line to be converted. I was provided with a date by which the title would be converted and ready. To the company's credit, they delivered the files on the exact date promised.

The price for the conversion service is $200. For the quality of work done for not one but two conversions, this is, I believe, an excellent price. 

I have used CreateSpace's Kindle conversion service and while I was happy with the work CreateSpace did, CreateSpace will only convert titles that have already been published as a POD title by CreateSpace. eBook Architects will convert any files the author owns the publishing rights to. This means titles published by Lightning Source or other POD printers.