Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Templates by The Book Designer - a Product Review of Sorts

No, I am not affiliated with Joel Friedlander's company, The Book Designer. I have not purchased a template just yet, but I'll explain why in a moment. I do follow Joel on his blog and have learned a great deal about self-publishing from the advice and information Joel shares.

His latest business venture, or product if you will, is called Book Design Templates for Word. Knowing Joel puts a lot of effort and thought into everything he does, I signed up for the e-mail newsletter for this new division of his business. 

When I got the official notice of its launch, as soon as I had time, I read everything on the entire site. Wow! This new service has the potential to save me hundreds of dollars in interior design fees. The prices for these templates are introductory I believe but well worth the cost at twice the price (have you checked what it costs to have interiors done professionally?).

Why haven't I purchased on yet? Because at the moment the largest trim size available is 6 x 9 and the next three book projects I have coming up will all be in the 8.5 x 11 trim size.

A quick e-mail produced a quick response and I was happy to learn in the next series of templates to be released the 8.5 x 11 trim size for non-fiction books will be included! Exactly what I need!

You may purchase a single book license or a multibook license.

It gets better still.

While I was interested in these templates for my POD paperback editions, I was equally happy to learn Joel will be offering Ebook and Kindle templates! 

Take the time to read the FAQ page and you will have your questions answered. If not, use the Contact Us feature and e-mail a question. The response will be prompt.

Once again, the name of the new company is Book Design Templates by Joel Friedlander.

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