Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kindle Select Marketing Experiment Update

My 5-day experiment with KDP Select has ended. I gave away for free, for five days, the Kindle edition of Fine Tuning Your Three-Point Attack. 110 readers took advantage of the offer. I "think" these results were good as the title climbed quickly to the Number One position in Amazon's Top 100 Free Kindle results for basketball. I wish more readers had taken advantage of the offer and it was not until after my free give away period started that I learned of and, services that help authors and publishers promote ebooks.

Why did I select this title for my experiment in giving away a Kindle book for free? It has great content and this is not just my opinion either. While the book only has 4 5-star reviews, the coaches who read the advance copies to generate feedback and blurbs loved it. I have gotten e-mails from coaches asking questions based on the content of the book who loved it.

But the book simply has not been selling. As a result, it has declined steadily in Amazon Sales Rankings to the point where I was not selling any copies, either POD or Kindle. As of this afternoon, with the book once again on sale at its normal price, it has risen to 74th out of 1,600+ titles in its category.

Still not on the first page of results, but I take the second page any day over where the book was showing up (somewhere past page 20 in the results).

Hopefully a good number of those 110 readers who take advantage of the free copy will write a few good reviews, say some nice things to other coaches and come back to buy copies of my other books.

Time will tell if the experiment to boost the book's rankings in the search results will result in more sales of the title. I have no way to measure if this free giveaway  results in sales of my other books.

My next experiment has been to drop the price of five Kindle editions to .99 cents for each title. I will be promoting this in my weekly eNewsletter to just over 3,500 coaches. I am interested to see which will get a better response, FREE or .99 cents. I am also interested in finding out which approach will result in higher search results on Amazon.

When that experiment is over, I will try one more each of a KDP Select FREE promotion for five days and a .99 cent sale of specific titles but this time I will promote both on the aforementioned ebook promotional services.