Tuesday, April 9, 2013

eBook Architects is Now Part of Firebrand Technologies

I use eBook Architects for the conversion process of my books to Kindle and ePub formats. I have never had a problem with the finished product and the good people at eBook Architects are easy to deal with, are priced fairly (in my opinion) and actually deliver the work on schedule. In an age where craftsmanship and work are often shoddy, eBook Architects actually stands behind its work with a guarantee based on a quality control inspection.

I have done my own conversions, used CreateSpace to do Kindle conversions, but have settled on eBook Architects as the company to use for future conversions based on my past experiences.

Founded by entrepreneur Joshua Tallent in 2009 and located in Austin, Texas, the company has grown in size and the services it offers. 

I recently received an update about the company. eBook Architects has been acquired by Firebrand Technologies. A quick check of the eBook Architects website and one will note there are no changes to the site other than the addition of the Firebrand Technologies logo.

Joshua is still the head of  the company. It is my hope with new capital available eBook Architects will continue to grow and thrive and serve self-publishing authors for many years to come.