Monday, May 20, 2013

Amazon Kindle Cover Creator - Amazon Provides Indie/Self-Publishing Authors Yet Another Tool

Amazon continues to improve the opportunities for authors to create and publish their own books using the Kindle publishing platform. One of the latest of these improvements is the Cover Creator for Kindle books.

I will have a new Kindle book ready for release by mid-June so have started to experiment with the  new Cover Creator so I will have a a cover ready to go with the interior of the book.

Getting started with the Cover Creator is simple. Go to your KDP Dashboard and click on the "Add new title" button. Next, click on "Design with Cover Creator" in section 4. The site will launch the Cover Creator program and provide you with directions on how to use the software.

Like the Cover Creator program provided by CreateSpace, Amazon's POD Service, you can add images of your choice, pick a cover design from the ones available, customize the layout of the design and preview your cover before submitting it.

It is not a professionally designed cover, but if money's tight and you have an eye for design, you might want to try this free option in order to get your Kindle edition to market sooner.

To learn more about this new option for Kindle authors, click here.

Click Here for More Information!

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