Wednesday, July 10, 2013

KDP Feature - Spell Check for Your Kindle File During Upload

For many who read this blog this news might be old, but I still think it bears mentioning. Having recently successfully converted one of my titles formerly available in a POD paperback version only to a fully functioning Kindle edition using Book Design Templates, I was intrigued by the new, to me at least, spell check feature.

Since the book was already available from CreateSpace, I used the Kindle conversion function for the book as made available in the CreateSpace Member Dashboard.

This allowed me to use the cover of the POD version for my Kindle edition. The less I have to do in this process the better.

After uploading my file to KDP, the file was converted to a Kindle edition by Amazon's computers. In addition to being able to preview the conversion, up popped the box below. The word the Amazon computer thought was misspelled is actually jargon and spelled correctly. After clicking on Ignore I received another message concerning spelling.

After having been told to ignore the questionable word the spell check ran through the entire book again and found no misspelled words. I hope, one can never be completely sure with computers.

Hardly earth shaking news. Still, it shows an ongoing effort on the part of CreateSpace and Amazon's KDP to continue to improve the quality of the books authors self-publish and as an author who wants to put the best possible product out there in the market, I appreciate that effort. 

The process is easy to use and serves as one last quality control check before the new Kindle title becomes available to the reading public.

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