Friday, September 6, 2013

Amazon to Offer Smart Phone - For Free?

My two daughters think I am a technology relic and so does my wife. My son encourages me to hang in there. He is, like I am, very interested in history and the role old technologies played in history. My current phone is over five years old, paid for and works just fine. I can call people. My daughters and wife can send me texts. My son calls me. What more could you want?

Evidently I need to be prodded into action. My girls tell me not to get my phone out when I am with them in public. They claim it is embarrassing. Of course, they drop the subject when I tell them they could get me my own smart phone or I remind them who paid for theirs.

Still, if the story is true, I might bite. I mean, a smart phone for FREE, and I might be able to continue to use my same cell phone contract? That got my attention. I mean, a dad has to be cool right?

My guess is Jeff Bezos sees this as a way to sell more stuff. There has to be a catch. You get the smart phone for free but you have to shop at Amazon and put up with the advertising. I am OK with shopping at Amazon. I do that anyhow. I just avoid advertising like the plague.

I draw the line at reading books on a phone though. I am not, nor will I ever be, that cool as a dad.

To read a detailed account of Bezos' latest gambit with technology visit the link below.

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