Sunday, December 6, 2009

Self-publishing With Amazon's CreateSpace undergoing revision!

My book, Self-publishing With Amazon's CreateSpace: A Resource Guide for the Author Considering Self-publishing, is undergoing its first revision since it was first published.  Version 2.0 will hopefully be available on Amazon in late January or early February.

As with any book, there are always things that the author would like to see changed and improved in a book, but this is not the reason for the additions and revisions to the book. CreateSpace has added a wide range of author services and added more opportunities for distribution for authors who self-publish using CreateSpace.

My next book on basketball coaching, The Game of Basketball: The Basketball Fundamentals, Intangibles and Finer Points of the Game for Players, Coaches and Fans, will be published using some of CreateSpace's expanded services. I plan to base much of the revisions and additions to Self-Publishing With Amazon's CreateSpace: A Resource Guide for the Author Considering Self-publishing on my experiences in publishing The Game of Basketball.

One of the new distribution options I am interested in learning more about but am not completely convinced I will use is CreateSpace's new distribution for sales in book stores.  Even though I think my books are better suited for sale on Amazon and not book stores, I do think this is an opportunity that may be of value to some authors who self-publish and use print-on-demand.

As I learn more about this new distribution option, I will feature updates here on The Self-publisher's Notebook.