Monday, December 28, 2009

Writer Watchdog 2009 Edition

Every once in awhile you run across an item that you use constantly and it is a great resource to you.  For those of you have purchased my book on self-publishing, Self-Publishing with Amazon's CreateSpace: A Resource Guide for Authors Considering Self-Publishing, I hope you feel that way.

I have lots of well worn books that I constantly refer to in my efforts to learn more about self-publishing and to guide me as I work on my next book.  One of the books, with a corresponding website that I use regularly is the Writer Watchdog 2009 Edition and the accompanying website:

This is a good source of information and the site is constantly adding new information.  I suggest you go to the site and sign-up for the blog newsletter.

Also, sign-up for the free contests.  Yes, they actually do have winners.  I won the free cover design contest and my next book will feature the cover that I won from Writer Watchdog.