Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interested in POD? Join this Yahoo Group!

Since I have become a self-published author, I have learned so much more about the publishing industry than I ever thought I would need to know. In doing so, I have also discovered there is so much still to learn. Even the experts in the industry are still learning. In part, this need for constant learning is due to the rapid change in technology and delivery systems in the self-publishing industry.

An interesting group to belong to in order to ask questions and obtain information is the POD Publishing group on Yahoo. Even the big names in the self-publishing industry like Aaron Shepard post there! 

You will have to join the group and receive permission to do so from the moderators if you desire to post questions or answers. All posts must be approved by the group moderators before the post will appear on the message board. If you have no desire to join but would like to lurk there, you will learn a great deal of information.

If you do not like receiving all the e-mail updates from a message group, simply set you membership to only read the digest on the message board and not to receive e-mails.