Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Takes A Year? Evidently So! Self-published Authors and Amazon Sales

Aaron Shepard declares it takes a full year for a book to begin to sell on Amazon. Of course, my books were going to sell quickly and my wide range of marketing efforts via my e-newsletter, blogs and website were going to make the difference!

I am confident my marketing efforts have paid off, but Mr. Shepard is once again right. My best selling books started very slowly, peaked a bit during seasonal times of the year and had a horrible January.

This summer I had my best months ever in total Amazon sales and the seasonal time of the year for my non-fiction books has yet to arrive. In looking at a record of sales on Amazon for over a full year, it would seem Mr. Shepard hit it right on the nail. My two best months of sales ever were exactly a year after my two best selling books were made available on Amazon.

The lesson from this? Self-publishing authors have to be patient. It will take time for sales to pick up and the long tail of Amazon to kick in and help sell our books. Market your books from day one, by all means, but realize it will take time before the results of your efforts really begin to translate into actual sales.