Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CreateSpace, Kindle Conversion and Amazon - Part II

I promised an update on my experience with using CreateSpace for converting one of my titles to a Kindle e-book. For $69 I believe I received a fair and adequate service for my money. When opened the file looks identical to the paper book.  I cannot say the same for my own first effort in converting the book to a Kindle ready conversion file. The cover art turned out well as well. So far so good.

I uploaded the files to the Digital Text Platform at Amazon and everything went well at that stage of the process.  I received a notice from Amazon that the book would not be available for purchase for another 24 hours. I have my fingers crossed and hope the final product looks like it should.

I have decided to introduce the book for the price of $2.99 to drive some early sales of the book. I will probably leave it at that price for the month of December and then raise it during January.