Monday, November 1, 2010

Amazon's CreateSpace to offer Kindle conversion for $69!

I have been searching for a service to convert some of my books to Kindle format. After seeing if I could do it myself, the results were terrible, I began my search. Since most of my books are published with CreateSpace, I am delighted to learn of this new service being offered by CreateSpace! The price for the service is $69 per book unless the book has complex diagrams, etc, in the body. Note, in order to obtain the $69 price, the book to be converted must already be in the POD system with CreateSpace.

I will keep all of the readers here posted as I work through the process of having at least one of my books converted to Kindle by CreateSpace. I will be sure to comment on the quality of the work and if I am pleased with the final product.

It  makes good business sense for CreateSpace to offer this service to its authors since it is owned by Amazon. This move should help Amazon quickly increase the size of its Kindle library and could potentially increase its share of the ebook market.

From CreateSpace:

Kindle-Ready File Conversion

Broaden your readership by making your book available through the Amazon Kindle. eBooks are widely popular, especially since the launch of the Kindle. Our Kindle-Ready File Conversion service converts your trade paperback book into an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.
Price: $69.00*

* Books with complex formatting may require additional fees (e.g. mathematical formulas, tables, and heavy graphics). In rare cases we may be unable to convert your book. 
Bring Your Book to the Digital Age
  • Reach a whole new audience of readers
  • Gain access to a new revenue stream
  • Ensure your book retains its professional appearance
CreateSpace will convert your trade paperback book* into an eBook format that maintains the formatting and design elements used in your trade paperback book. You will also receive a JPEG thumbnail of your book’s cover.

Both files are ready for you to upload to Amazon’s Digital Text Platform (DTP) for distribution in the Kindle store. DTP also accepts html, Word .doc, .pdf, ePub, plain text, and MobiPocket files for free.

* You must have a print-ready book in our system.