Saturday, December 25, 2010

eBook Opportunities to Self-Publish

Print-on-demand has been a huge boon for authors who self-publish. It gave so many authors a chance to get their book in print without needing a huge financial investment to do so. Amazon gave self-published authors a means to access customers without brick and mortar bookstores.

Like print-on-demand did for paper books, eBook readers have opened a new avenue for authors to self-publish and enjoy financial success, particularly authors of fiction. 

Does this mean any book sold as an eBook is guaranteed success? Of course not. Like any traditional paper book the most important component in a books success if the answer to the question "is the book any good?" A good book is THE essential first component to a book's success. For self-published authors, once the book is in print, the hard work of marketing the book starts and is also a key component to the success of the book as is the book's cover and interior design.

Listed below are just a few of the opportunities for self-publishing authors to publish their book in an eBook format. Please note, there are a total of 19 possible different eBook software formats and 23 different physical eBook reader devices available (that I have been able to count) so this is far from a complete list.

Amazon's Kindle
ePub - utilized by B&N Nook and many other eBook readers
Barnes & Noble Nook
Apple Book store
Google Books

While there is no single format for eBooks yet (time will tell), it appears this is an excellent opportunity for authors who self-publish and should not be overlooked. It means more still to learn for authors, but time never stands still and the march of technology moves ever forward. Take advantage of the new book format and make your book available in an eBook format.