Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Which Version Should I Publish First, Kindle or Paperback?

In late February or early March my next book, as yet to be titled, will be done and hopefully edited. Funds are tight with the oldest daughter in her final semester of college and while income needs to be generated, the available funds must be spent wisely. Does this scenario sound familiar to most self-publishing authors?

This will be the first of my books released in two versions, Kindle and paperback, by design from day one. The question for me, is which edition should I release first? Does it make a difference? Until someone can provide me with valid data proving people will by both a Kindle version and a paperback, I refuse to believe the idea that e-book sales will generate duplicate paperback sales.

With careful pricing I can make the same amount of profit per sale of either the Kindle version or the paperback. The question is, which will generate the most revenue the quickest and does it matter which version hits the market first or do they need to be introduced at the same time?

After my experience of introducing my first Kindle edition of a book already available as a paperback, I am fairly certain it will take me a bit longer to have the Kindle edition available for sale. Much of the work for either edition will be the same.  The manuscript has to be written and edited and a cover has to be designed. The interior of the paperback will have to be formatted as will the Kindle version. The $69 fee CreateSpace charged was worth it to me. I do not need to learn how to complete the process and $69 was a more than fair fee for the completed version of the book I had converted to Kindle. 

The version that is ready in its final form first will probably be the version released first. Once again, I will have to learn the hard way, through trial and error, if there is an answer to the question of which version I should publish first, Kindle or paperback.