Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Nice To Know Your Book Helped

I received an e-mail yesterday from a college basketball coach I have been fortunate to get to know over the years. He is one of the most innovative offensive minds in the country and his teams lead the nation in scoring in the NAIA. What does this have to do with self-publishing?

This Friday his book, all 400 pages of it, will be available on Amazon! Coach Porter is pretty excited about it and wanted to thank me for all of my help, such that it was, in helping him get his book published. I was/am pretty excited about the release of the book because of the information it contains. Then I read the portion of the e-mail thanking me for the copy of my book Self-Publishing With Amazon's CreateSpace I had given him. 

He said it was right on the money and helped him get through the process smoothly and with ease. Coach Porter also indicated much of the information about self-publishing in general was helpful in making business decisions about design, editing, etc. Wow! That e-mail certainly made my day!

Self-publishing can be a lonely experience and when you are having one of those months where sales are slow, it can be discouraging as well. To receive an e-mail thanking you for the help your book provided it great!

Non-fiction authors might see more of a direct connection between the books they write and helping people. Fiction authors provide help that is just as important. To be able to escape the drudgery of life or your problems for a few hours is helpful as well and can provide the relief needed to move forward and attack the challenges facing you.