Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shortening the Learning Curve for New Self-Publishers - BookStarter

Self-publishing is a business. There is a lot to learn. You can try to teach it all to yourself and this approach will lead to a lot of hit and miss learning. As my Dad calls this approach, its a "scattershot" approach to doing something. You hit some of what you want and miss a lot of what you want.

Education can be expensive, but it is also an investment in yourself and the future of your business. For those who might consider some formal education in self-publishing, try BookStarter. You can also visit the Facebook page of BookStarter.

Am I affiliated with BookStarter in anyway? No. But the cover of my best selling Kindle Book was done by none other than Deanna Riddle, the owner and founder of BookStarter. This company is her dream and her passion - check it out.