Friday, January 27, 2012

Inside the Great Machine: Confessions of a Former Technologist - a Book Review

Since the overwhelming majority of my source of sales comes from Amazon, I feel it is important to learn as much as possible about my "business partner." When Amazon "suggested" I read this book, I agreed with the company's computer.

Kalpankis S. is an immigrant from India who has made a home here as an American. He makes no bones about his sense of humor being a bit different, yet he manages to inject subtle humor Americans can understand and get a laugh from.

The author is a skilled computer software designer who worked in Silicon Valley before being lured to Seattle, Washington, to join the book selling giant Amazon. Kalpankis shares his experiences in an easy to read and identify with manner and traces his excitement upon joining Amazon through his departure to another company.

Without being a spoiler, my suggestion is to read the book. I enjoyed it and was able to develop a little insight into why Amazon is successful, how it makes mistakes and how hard it works to be a dominant force in the publishing and book/media selling industries.