Saturday, January 21, 2012

Using Kindle Shorts and Articles to Promote Books

I am sure I read this strategy somewhere else and I am equally certain I am not the first to think of it if I have not read it elsewhere. I have three books that will be released in the next nine months. Each will be preceded by a .99 Kindle Short or Article as part of my promotional efforts for these books.

The first of the soon to be released Kindle Shorts will be free for five days and the subscribers of my free e-newsletter will be informed of this and I will post the fact on the blog on my website. Beyond that, I do not plan to promote the five free days. It is sort of a reward for the individuals who buy my books, subscribe to my newsletter and visit my website. 

After the five days of free copies, the price will be raised to .99 and remain there. The short Kindle Book is based on an excerpt from the much larger book which will be released two months later. The excerpt was expanded in much greater detail than the full length book (non-fiction) and includes promotional information at the end of the book with what I hope will be a successful call to action to visit Amazon and purchase the full length book.

These short Kindle books hopefully will sell copies on their right as specific source of information about very specific topics and create a small additional stream of revenue. Their main purpose is to convince readers who are searching for specific information of my ability to provide valuable and useful information to meet their needs and prod the reader into purchasing the related full length book.

I plan to keep as detailed records as possible about this tactic and will share the information in the future.