Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Global Connect Launched by Lightning Source

Like its competitor, CreateSpace, Lightning Source is expanding its reach beyond the borders of North America. As promised, Lightning Source has launched a new program called Global Connect, expanding its services overseas.

Currently Lightning Source titles will now be available in Germany and Brazil. LSI's distribution of book titles will be done through a series of partnerships with other printers and book distributors located in other countries.

As announced, the program will function by having the local company market the book and offer distribution as well to retailers in that country. LSI files will then be used to print and fulfill the order for the local retailer or customer.

List pricing and the book's discount will be determined by the nation of origin's default setting in that nation's currency. LSI will not allow returns. LSI states that not all book formats will be supported, depending on the nation in question.

Ingram, the owner of LSI, stated in a press release "The goal of Global Connect, said Ingram president Skip Prichard, “is to help publishers get their books into markets where there is a demand.” Using Global Connect will permit publishers to offer books for sale in other countries and not have to worry about such issues (and costs) as shipping. Prichard noted that Global Connect is a true print-on-demand service and will only print a book when there is an order. Ingram chose Singular as its partner in Brazil because not only does it offer POD services but has relationships with about 60 distribution channels in the country and its sales channels cover 95% of the book and digital content markets in Brazil."

While foreign sales might not be large in number for most authors, a book sale is a book sale. If you are already using LSI for your POD service, this new program is worth looking into. It costs nothing to participate in the program.