Thursday, September 20, 2012

Google Books - The Next Step: Forming a Partnership

In an earlier post I announced I planned to list the books I have available in the ePub format for Nook sales with Google Books.

So far the most difficult part has been working my way through the maze at Google to find where to sign-up my books and get paid. Don't laugh too hard. My teenage daughter and my 23 year old daughter who was home for a quick visit had trouble as well and they're whizzes at navigating computer websites.

To speed things up for those who are like me, you want to go to Google Books Partner Program. You will need to create an account so you can receive payment for your book sales. If you have a blog you can participate in Google Ads to generate some revenue that way as well.

Click on log in to your account to go to this page:

You log in with your e-mail address and password you have created for your Google Account. You will then be taken to this page:

Click on My Account to go the next page to enter your bank account information and your tax information. Google will ask you to verify your account by an interesting process. Google will make a test deposit to your account and then ask you to verify the amount. This process takes a few days according to the statement made by Google.

As of now I have signed up and provided Google with the necessary information and am simply waiting for the account verification process to be complete.

The next step is to upload the files for my books. More information on this process as soon as I have my books available for sale with Google Books.