Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching Up - Lots of News in Self-Publishing

I have been really busy this past week and it was not until today I sat down to do my self-mandated reading on the internet to continue to learn more about the state of self-publishing. Here are a few of the interesting posts I came across.

From Self-Publishing 2.0

I don't know how Morris Rosenthal obtains his information. I get the KDP newsletter and unless I just missed this item all I can guess is Morris has his connections at Amazon.

From Book Making

Michael Marcus provides a needed service for authors just getting started learning the self-publishing industry. This post covers common terms used in the industry.

From Kunz on Publishing

Great story for authors considering self-publishing. It is also of interest for authors who have made the jump into self-publishing.

From The Book Designer

Author Blogging 101: Top 10 Tasks to Get Your Blog Ready for Primetime

Joel Friedlander really hits it on the nail with this one. If you have a blog or are about to start one, you need to read this post. It would seem I have a few more items to take care of on my blogs.

The Holy Trinity of Abundant Blog Traffic

Blogging is one of the ways authors can reach out and create an audience for their books and writing. Joel Friedlander, who has a successful blog, gives some insight into making this process work successfully.

From CopyBlogger

Pamela Wilson provides useful tips on using the WordPress blogging platform. While I use Blogger for this blog, I use WordPress for my other two blogs.  WordPress is a great tool but one can always use help in learning how to use this blogging platform.