Monday, November 12, 2012

Technical Stuff and Business Opportunities for Self-Publishers

For those of you who are technical types!

From Aaron Shepard's Publishing Blog

Good-bye PDF/X-1a, Hello PDF/X-3

Aaron lost me just a few lines in to this post. For those who are into color, creating files yourself for publication and all the finer points of this process, well you need to read this post.

From The Book Designer

Why non-fiction authors should be speakers.

Joel Friedlander has some interesting things to say. This fits in line with my thinking that self-published authors must think of their efforts as a business and look for every possible source of income they can.

A much older post by Joel Friedlander, but still fitting in with the premise of self-publishing is a business. Authors need to look to re-purpose their material to generate income and this is an interesting look at this concept.

Morris Rosenthal likes to experiment and share the results of his efforts on his self-publishing blog. In this instance, Morris converted some of his how-to videos he made for YouTube as an experiment into a DVD using CreateSpace for the duplication service. I am very interested in this process as it will fit into my business model nicely when I can get around to "making a video."

Again, this blog post is in keeping with maximizing income possibilities for authors who self-publish.