Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Improve Your Amazon Search Results

As self-published or indie authors, almost all of us rely heavily on Amazon to sell our books. Anything we can do to improve the search results for our books on Amazon is something we as authors have to consider. For many of us the biggest part of the marketing/sales battle is helping readers who would enjoy or benefit from reading our book finding the book among the millions of titles available on Amazon.

A new tool is available for sale that can help authors improve the search process for readers who use the Amazon search engine to locate books that might interest them. The tool, AK Booster, is now available for sale and allows authors to determine the best search words to use for the seven keywords Amazon allows authors to provide for their Kindle books during the uploading and publishing process.

Rather than duplicate a detailed review of the product, simply visit this review. I have purchased AK Booster and was surprised by the keywords it provided for some of my books. I experimented with a couple of my Kindle books and to my surprise, both of them moved up in the search results as a result of changing one, or in some cases, two keywords recommended by the results of AK Booster.

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