Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Resources for Authors

Time is something authors have too little of. Most of us have full time jobs that prevent us from being full time writers (if only we could have that one big best seller!). For those of us who self-publish, there is the not so little matter of having to do almost, if not all, everything ourselves. 

Simply taking the time to find the information and resources necessary to make the entire enterprise work can cut into already limited time for writing.

Here are some new sites that provide valuable information and/or services for authors. Let my time spent looking for and finding these sites save you some time.

How To Do It Frugally - Carolyn Howard-Johnson's site

I always find myself returning to this site. Carolyn keeps it updated and is constantly providing valuable information on a wide range of important topics for indie and self-publishing authors. To name just a few:
  • The process of ethically (and frugally) obtaining book reviews.
  • Editing your own work effectively.
  • Promoting your work (frugally as always).
  • Background information on how the publishing industry, self and traditional, works.
  • Educational/learning opportunities for writers.
Writer Advice - Managed by editor Lynn Goodwinn

This site is worth spending some time surfing around. You'll find:
  • Information on writing contests.
  • Author resources - lots of them.
  • Brag Board and Announcements page.
  • Markets
  • Author interviews - archived
  • Manuscript consulting
Writer to Writer - Award winning site devoted to providing information about earning a living as a writer.

Newsletters for authors:

Peter Bowerman's The Well-Fed Writer

Once a month I get this newsletter. While I'm not a professional copywriter, there is a lot to be learned about making a living as a writer in this newsletter.