Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Magic of BookBub - Help for Obtaining a BookBub Featured Deal

It matters not whether you are an indie author or a legacy published author. Show me an author who doesn't what his or her book to land a Featured Deal on BookBub and I'll show someone who is either afraid of success or hates having readers discover their book.

As I type this post, BookBub has over seven million subscribers on its list. Seven million avid readers who want to buy books, discover new authors, and reunite with old favorites. Authors can go from un known to being able to quit their day job, or so the legends surrounding BookBub say.

There is just one small problem.

Getting selected for that coveted Featured Deal.

Nobody is quite sure how the mysterious process works and BookBub is somewhat vague about how the books that make the cut are selected. I suppose I can't blame them.

The service doesn't come cheap. But authors almost always earn out their investment and experience an increase in the sales of their entire series as well as a boost in KENP reads. How many marketing and advertising methods consistently produce similar results?

Having spent time and money trying to figure out this process called book marketing, I can tell you first hand the list is a short one. If you figure out AMS or FB ads, those two companies will change their algorhtym and you are right back where you started and usually out a good bit of money before you realize the change has taken place.

Peter Ralph has spent a lot of time studying the phenomenon that is BookBub. He shares what he has learned in his book The Magic of BookBub: Breaking Down the Wall to Winning a Featured Deal. 

My review is short and to the point. It was money well spent. 

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