Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CreateSpace versus Lightning Source - Creating An Account

CreateSpace wins this round hands down. It is never a lot of fun to fill out forms, on-line or paper and this is no exception when creating your account with either company.  But CreateSpace wins this battle going away. When you finish submitting your information with CreateSpace, you are done.

With Lightning Source you have to submit your information in stages and then wait for approval from Lightning Source at the end of each round of submission. This is really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, I just don't like to wait and given that CreateSpace is able to handle the entire process on-line and in one step, it makes me wonder what is going on with LSI.

Perhaps the sheer volume of individuals desiring to set up accounts with LSI requires they check each application at length and that the process have a time lag built into it for the employees who have to do the work. CreateSpace simply does not have the sheer volume of clients that LSI does.  I would imagine CreateSpace is able to take advantage of Amazon's computer network in dealing with applications to use its services.

I still plan on using LSI for my next book but the only reason I am committed to doing so is because I can set my discount that Amazon will take lower than the 40% that CreateSpace automatically sets for any book published through CreateSpace and sold via Amazon.