Sunday, February 7, 2010

Disappointment With CreateSpace's Newest "Improvement"

Having used CreateSpace to publish a total of 14 books, I am disappointed with the latest "improvement" to the Member Dashboard.  In the past, after signing in to your Member Dashboard, a list of your books was displayed along with the sales of each book for that month with the accompanying profits resulting from each sale.  A total profit amount was listed at the bottom of the display.  With the start of each new month, the numbers were cleared and a fresh start was made. It was easy to track your sales, your marketing efforts and your income. 

No longer is this true.  Now you must click on a link for each book that will take you to your sales for that book for the current month.  You must also sign in to your account each time you click on the link to view your sales. No longer can you simply take in all the relevant information in one quick glance.  You have to work your way through each book and sign-in each time.  For one or two books this is not a real problem, but for 14 books, it is a nuisance and a waste of time.

I have no idea why CreateSpace made this change.  In order to get to your Member Dashboard you had to sign-in so your data was safe from prying eyes unless you leave your username and password just laying around for everyone to see.  CreateSpace gets an "F" for this supposed improvement.  I intend to voice my complaints and encourage you to do so as well if you are a CreateSpace user.