Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Free Kindle Conversion by CreateSpace? Updated 1/2/2013

I hope this new practice continues and will report on the quality of the conversion as well. I just finished uploading a new book for CreateSpace's POD service. It is not a book I had intended to offer in Kindle as I plan to sell it at speaking engagements (coaching clinics) as a back-of-room-sale item.

No sooner did I approve my digital proof than up popped a screen asking me if I wanted to convert my newly approved book for sale on KDP. The screen informed me my submitted file was a PDF, which is not the preferred file to convert from and that I could upload a file directly to KDP if I wished.

Since this was FREE and I did not plan on offering this title in a Kindle version, what did I have to lose? So the CreateSpace computers are busy as I type converting my latest and greatest to a Kindle file. I may take one look at the results, say "ugh" and promptly hit the delete key and I may put the Kindle version up for sale!

At any rate, if the conversion turns out well, this is certainly a boon for authors who desire to offer their books in both POD paperback versions and a Kindle version on KDP.

Update: Not the way to go! Unless you like what appears to be machine language as the end result! Evidently I got excited over nothing. You need to have an already converted file to take advantage of this method of uploading your book to KDP. It would seem it is just another way for CreateSpace to sell its conversion program.