Saturday, January 26, 2013

Self-Publishing Topics of Interest

Time for another visit to some self-publishing blogs and websites. Here is what I have come across that I think might be of interest.

Are eReaders and Tablets Killing PDF Sales?

From: Morris Rosenthal's Foner Books

As always, Morris has some interesting information about self-publishing. For those of use who deal in the realm of non-fiction, this is an interesting topic.

Good-bye PDF/X-1a, Hello PDF/X-3

From: Aaron Shepard's Publishing Blog

This article is for those of you who are really interested in the technical aspects of self-publishing, particularly dealing with color and book design/production. This is all a bit beyond me, but I know it will be interesting to the techie's out there.

How to Publish Your eBook From Word to Kindle in Under 10 Minutes

From: Joel Friedlander's The Book Designer

This is the source of the idea for me of using Scrivener to create your own ebook files for Kindle and Nook ebooks. Worth reading if you are interested in this topic.