Saturday, January 5, 2013

Free Software and Online Utilities for Writers - Book Review

Self-publishing is a business. So is being a traditionally published author. Costs are always an issue in any business and the author, Brad Smith, has gone to the trouble of researching, using, and sharing what he has learned about a wide range of software that is FREE for writers to use in this short Kindle book, Free Software & Online Utilities for Writers!

Just the time saved involved in uncovering all of the items in this book is worth much more in dollars and cents than the minimal purchase price of $1.99.

In addition to collecting all of the information in one place, the author has presented it in a well organized and easy to use format.

If you are an author, there is something for free in this book that will be of use to you. Here are the chapters in the book:
  • Free online word processors and office suites
  • Low distraction word processors
  • Script writing software and online resources
  • Novel writing software and websites
  • Writing Utilities
  • Mind Mapping and Organization
  • Submission tracking and Query tracking
  • Research Sources
  • Note taking and to-do lists
  • Promotional aids
  • Graphics
I found several items in this book to be of great interest to me and will now have to spend more time investigating and learning about the business of publishing. At least I save the time spent finding this free software!

Brad Smith also has a website:

I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Smith. I just found this book really helpful.


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  1. Thank you for the kind review! I hope the book gives you, and your readers, a few hints on how to do quality writing and book production without breaking the bank. Self publishing can be challenging enough without having to load up on a lot of expensive software.

    Brad Smith