Sunday, December 8, 2013

Changes at BookBaby

BookBaby, the ebook publishing and distribution company, has made some changes in its options for authors. The first new option is a FREE global distribution option if the author provides publish ready ebook files. The author receives 85% of the net sales. Note, this option is not completely free unless you have your own ISBN for your book. Otherwise, BookBaby will charge you $19 for an ISBN and will be listed as the Publisher.

The second option is a change in the royalty payment feature for the $99 Standard Distribution option. In the past, this option included conversion to Kindle and ePub formats and global distribution, all with the author receiving 100% of the net sales. This has changed. Authors will now receive 85% of the royalties.

The $249 Premium Distribution option still provides authors with 100% of the net sales and includes as well as quite a few other benefits to the author.

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