Monday, December 9, 2013

Self-Publishing Blog Summary

It has been awhile sense I posted a summary of blog posts I have read and found helpful. To save you some time, here are the latest posts I have found interesting or helpful that relate to self-publishing.

From The Book Designer

Why Writers Must Self-Publish Their Books

From Your Writer Platform

Powerful Pictures Perform: How to Create Images That Grab Attention

To Blog or Not to Blog: Is It Really Necessary?

From Self-Publishing 2.0

Will Amazon Deliver Coal in the Stocking for Kindle Publishers?
Morris Rosenthal's monthly examination of KDP KOLL payouts.

From The Creative Penn

Writing Fast, Funnels And Calls To Action. My Lessons Learned From Write, Publish, Repeat.

Getting Maximum “Bang” for Your Book Description Buck: an SEO/ Author’s Perspective

The Newbie's Guide to Self-Publishing 

Death and the Self-Pubbed Writer



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