Thursday, December 12, 2013

Draft2Digital: A New eBook Distributor for Authors!

I always get excited when I find what an opportunity to improve my tiny publishing empire when it does two important things for me:
  • saves money while earning money
  • saves time and effort on my part
Today,  I had made one of those discoveries that not only peaked my interest, but got me excited. By complete accident I stumbled across Draft2Digital.

What was it that peaked my interest and got me excited?

Draft2Digital will convert my Word document into an ebook for FREE! Then Draft2Digital will distribute my ebook to the following ebook retailers:
  • Amazon's KDP
  • iBookstore
  • Nook
  • Kobo
While nothing is truly free, this appears to be a pretty good deal. Draft2Digital charges no upfront costs for authors for the company's services and only takes a percentage of a sale when actual sales take place.

The author:
  • sets the list price
  • retains all publishing rights
  • has the right to use the converted file on other retail platforms
  • can select which retailers to use, or not use
Draft2Digital's FAQ page does a good job of answering most questions authors will have about the company's services and is worth a quick look to see if this company is worth checking into.

Since no company can provide their services for free and survive, Draft2Digital makes its money by taking a piece of each sale. Given you are paying for the conversion over an extended period of time as well as the distribution, collection and payment services, I think Draft2Digital's pricing structure  is very fair. The examples shown below come from the Draft2Digital website.

Since my latest book is currently available in paperback at the moment, I see no reason not to sign-up for an account and give Draft2Digital a try. This book has a lot of graphics, which is common for my books, and if the company does a good job, this could be a huge money and time saver for me.

As soon as I have some feedback to provide to the readers of this blog, I will share how my experiment with this one book worked out, good, bad or in between.

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