Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Kindle Book Will Be Released Soon!

I have decided to bite the bullet and venture into the world of Amazon Kindle sales.  I managed to forget some of the information necessary to have my Kindle payments sent to my bank account and have yet to finish the uploading process. I accessed the Kindle DTP through my CreateSpace Dashboard.

The process is actually easier to use than the steps required to create a book file for CreateSpace's POD publishing system.  Kindle requires the cover file be a JPEG or TIFF file. I had my PDF file for my cover converted and converted the text file myself simply by saving it as a HTML file.

Amazon allows you to view the interior file of your book before approving it.  If there are problems you can halt the process and repair or create a new content file for the interior of you book. Not having seen the final results yet, it makes me feel like this is all too easy.

It gets better! Amazon does not charge a cent to create and publish a book on Kindle! 

If you book meets Amazon's criteria, you, the author can sign-up for the program that pays authors 70% of each sale! If that does not motivate you to finally self-publish your book, I don't know what will!

As my book moves through the process I will post information about my learning process and if the venture into Kindle was a successful one or not.  The book, The Game of Basketball, is available as a paperbook using CreateSpace's POD service.  The various experts in the field of POD urge authors to pick a format and stick with it so I have some trepidation about my decision. 

Still, the eBook is making inroads in the publishing world and better to learn now and correct my mistakes than wait until it is too late to take the plunge into the world of eBooks.