Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newsweek and Self-Publishing

The big news concerning the weekly news periodical, Newsweek, to most people is the fact the publication was sold for $1 to a new owner who hopes to resurrect the dying news giant!  For those of us interested in self-publishing, Newsweek might be of interest due to the article the magazine ran in its August 9, 2010 issue about self-publishing.

The article was a page in length and talked about recent trends in self-publishing including the fact that a few successful authors who had published using the traditional approach were now using self-publishing to get their works in print and reaping more of the profits as a result.

Overall, it was a good over view of self-publishing as it is today and the information was presented in a positive light. Also mentioned was the trend for many authors to self-publish using e-books as the medium of choice.