Saturday, February 18, 2012

CreateSpace File Uploading Becomes More Streamlined

After updating an interior file of one of my books, I went through the usual steps to change the old file and upload the new, corrected file.  To my surprise, as soon as the upload was complete, a little box popped up informing me CreateSpace's computer was checking my interior file.

This automated interior file check speeds up the process of getting the files for a book ready. The sooner CreateSpace informs the author the files are acceptable for print, the sooner the book can be made ready for publication.

In order to use the new feature your computer must have Flash Player 10.2 which is the software required to open and read the results of the "Interior Reviewer." An option does exist to skip the use of the Interior Reviewer.

Without this new feature, it generally took about 24 hours for the good folks, or their computers, to inspect the files, both interior and cover, to determine if the files were acceptable for publication.

It is nice to see Amazon/CreateSpace continue to work to improve their services and the speed with which they serve the authors who use CreateSpace to publish their work.