Thursday, February 16, 2012

Using Your Author Central Account to Learn More About Your Readers

As many times as I have poked around in my Amazon Author Central Account I never stumbled across one of the Author Central's more unique, and interesting features.  While searching for something unrelated about Amazon on the web, I found a blog post on the Authority Publishing website describing this feature. Sales figures depicted via geographic representation on a map! Here are my POD sales for the past few weeks.

To my surprise, I have sold a lot of books in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest and the New England area. Why am I surprised? Because most of my marketing efforts have been directed at the Mid-west, my home state of Louisiana where my name has some recognition and the state I currently reside, Texas. Needless to say, I need to pay more attention to the areas where I am selling more books without much effort in the area of marketing (at least common sense would suggest that, but what do I know). 

For authors who write non-fiction or regionally based literature or non-fiction, sales information presented in this manner can be of great value, allowing the author to determine if a targeted marketing strategy is paying off. In my case, I may need to spread my efforts AND rethink my approach in general to marketing my non-fiction books.

Alas, this feature only tracks the sale of print paper books and not Kindle sales. As I type it occurs to me my marketing approach may be just fine as my Kindle sales have taken off and my current approach may actually be quite effective.

Perhaps if authors who publish Kindle books all collectively put a bug in Amazon's ear the metric driven people at Amazon would add a map for Kindle sales as well.  

Looks like I need to be poking around Author Central more!