Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Blog Posts to Read!

I know, I must be getting a bit lazy. But these are some informative posts on other blogs on self-publishing that are worth reading.

The first is from Morris Rosenthal who always has great information. This post is about strategic use of free Kindle books to promote your books.

Post number two to check out is on Joel Friedlander's blog and is about creating organic traffic for your author blog site.

I have to include a third post from Joel as he updated his list of great self-publishing blogs and The Self-Publisher's Notebook made the cut!

Finally, I am starting to think about converting a few more of my books currently available in Kindle format to ePub and see if this will increase sales for the Nook. My lone book available in Kindle and Nook formats sells well on the Kindle and has produced embarrassingly low numbers for the Nook. Perhaps a few more books being available will help.  This post by Liz Castro is about the ePub format.