Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lightning Source Announces the Arrival of New Color Presses

If you have books that require interior color, you might be interested to know that Lightning Source now offers a more affordable color printing service LSI calls "Standard" color printing. It also offers "Premium" color printing which of course implies it is more expensive.

For those of you who are interested in this new development, you need to check out the post on Aaron Shepard's blog describe this development in more technical detail than I could ever provide you.

I have given up on printing any additional books using LSI due to the technical skills required and the problems of keeping your book listed as "in stock" on Amazon. Using CreateSpace is just too easy for me in all regards and the difference in discount lost by not being able to use the "short discount" model has stopped even being an issue for me.

I hope CreateSpace will follow suit and obtain similar color presses so it can compete with LSI in the market for books using interior color.

To read Aaron's post click on the link provided below.