Monday, August 13, 2012

Protecting Your Copyright - Free Book Available for a Few Days

Morris Rosenthal has done a lot for self-publishing authors. He has pioneered the way and shared his experiences with us. He has helped many an author develop an author platform, answered questions beyond number and fought many a battle for us all.

One of his current struggles is with internet piracy and copyright infringement. This is an issue all authors must take serious.

I cannot speak for an author of fiction, but as a writer of non-fiction, my book sales are directly connected to the potential buyer's need for my information. If someone pirates that information and makes it available for free or at a lower price on the internet, that person is stealing money from me!

Morris has also researched the negative impact piracy has on internet search results. Since so many self-published authors need their web site for a wide range of reasons to be found easily by potential readers, Google's rewarding the pirates with higher search result rankings hurts.

Morris has posted an interesting piece about fighting copyright infringement, internet piracy and Google on his self-publishing blog.

He is also offering for free, for five days, his Kindle book on how to fight internet copyright piracy and copyright infringement.

Take him up on his offer. This is something all authors need to be concerned about.  Click here to read his article and take advantage of his free Kindle book offer.