Monday, August 13, 2012

Revising a Book: CreateSpace versus Lightning Source

Books can become dated to some extent, errors can crop up or you simply want to put out a new edition of the same title. For authors who know revising their books will be an ongoing task, this should be taken into consideration when selecting a print-on-demand service to fulfill your printing needs.

I have chosen to revise several editions of my titles that I use CreateSpace for my POD service. The transition was flawless, or so it would seem. I simply uploaded the new interior file and waited for notification on my Member Dashboard that the title in question required action and approved the new proof immediately without ordering a proof copy.

The availability status on Amazon never changed.

Since I have only one title on Lightning Source, and it has not needed revision since its publication, I have not tackled the process of revising a title with LSI.

Self-publishing expert Aaron Shepard has undertaken this task and written about it on his blog. Click here to read what Aaron has to say about the process.

It seems daunting enough to make me glad I use CreateSpace for all but one of my titles. It is enough work to create the revised file. I don't need to deal with the stress of changing files of a book that sells well in order to meet LSI's requirements to do so.

I am glad Aaron is so diligent in sharing what he knows about not only revising titles at LSI but self-publishing in general.