Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lightning Source Update Round Three

I am now one step closer to being a Lightning Source client.  After completing the initial phase of the application process, I received an e-mail from LSI informing me I could now move on to the middle phase of the application process. Before you start this phase of the application process you will need to have your business, bank and tax records with you as all of this information will be needed.

This is the stage where you are setting up your financial transaction process with LSI.  Do you want to be paid by direct deposit or by check via postal service? What is your tax situation? Do you have to pay sales tax or are you tax exempt? What type of business are you? Are you set up as  LLC, corporation or sole proprietorship? What is your federal tax number?

This step in the process took me a good bit longer than the initial phase, in part because I did not have all of my information at hand to enter in the computer.  When completed you will be sent an e-mail with PDF versions of the contract and other documents you must complete and then send to LSI by fax or postal mail.

At this stage of the process, CreateSpace is ahead of the game for ease of registration.  LSI requires a good deal more information from the customer and a fair amount of time is required to enter the information in the computer.  None of it is rocket science, just time consuming.