Sunday, January 3, 2010

Opportunity to obtain a FREE book from Aaron Shepard for a limited time!

Aaron Shepard, the author of Aiming at Amazon and Perfect Pages, has made his latest book available for free on his website for a brief time.  The book is available for download as a PDF and Aaron would like for the readers who take advantage of this opportunity to offer him feedback on the book before he takes it to press.

The book POD for Profit, is a detailed examination of self-publishing through Lightening Source as a business model for an author who self-publishes.  This book, which I have taken the time to skim through quickly, is filled with a tremendous amount of information that will benefit not only an author who self-publishes with LSI, but by any other method of publishing. The book examines all the steps and procedures of utilizing POD through LSI and examines the skills needed prior to taking the plunge.

Mr. Shepard also covers items such as establishing your own publishing company, publishing imprint, how to obtain ISBNs and other pertinent information.

If you take advantage of Mr. Shepard's brief offer to download the book, please extend him the courtesy of providing him some feedback on his work.  To download the book go to: