Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lightning Source Update

I removed my earlier, and negative or critical post about my attempting to deal with registering with Lightning Space.  I guess I am an old dog who just does not like new tricks.  After telling myself I have a responsibility to the family to at least attempt to earn more per copy of each book sold I sat down and worked my way through the process of at least registering as a new LSI client.

To my surprise, I was done in less than 10 minutes, my computer did not crash, I did  not feel a sudden need to smash something and I was in a calm state.  This is not my normal computer experience when attempting something of this nature.

Once I completed the process my screen posted a notice that my application to become a LSI client would be reviewed and I would be informed within two working days if it had been accepted.  So, I guess I will know soon enough if I will be able to use LSI or will have to continue to use CreateSpace exclusively.

So, for those who read the earlier post, please disregard it.  After round one of actually dealing with LSI's computer registration system, I feel pretty positive about being able to work with LSI.  I will admit that having already done this with CreateSpace has made me confident about being able to use the LSI site.

Lightning has tutorials that go with its different functions.  Having worked through the CreateSpace upload process helped me understand what LSI was trying to explain.  Had I never done this sort of thing before these tutorials would have left a little bit to be desired, but I would have been able to figure out the process.

So far so good.  The next step, pending approval of my client application, is to upload my files for my next book.  Once I have taken that step, I will update everyone on how things went.