Monday, January 11, 2010

Self-publishing With Amazon's CreateSpace is available again from!

After undergoing revision and adding content concerning the addition of author services by CreateSpace, Self-Publishing with Amazon's CreateSpace is once again available from  The book has fallen considerably in Amazon Sales Rankings during the three weeks it was unavailable which has created the problem of rebuilding its rank in the Amazon search engine process.

The book had been selling reasonably well, at least it was exceeding my goals for it, but now it has dropped far enough in the sales rankings that it no longer shows up in the books on self-publishing under that search.  It does however show up when you search for self-publishing on Amazon or self-publishing with CreateSpace.

Since this is the first of my books that has undergone a revision and subsequently was off the market for three weeks - through no fault of my own - and I will have to rebuild its sales ranking, I hope it will serve as a valuable learning experience in marketing my books on Amazon (if I am able to rebuild it ranking).  I will share my experiences, fail or succeed, with the visitors of this blog.